Active, Fun, Learning

AFL Max was the brainchild of James Podsiadly (former Crows and Geelong Player) who had a vision to take the Australian footy experience to the next level. AFL Max is more than an entertainment venue; it’s a transformative journey that brings people together to maximise wellbeing, growth, and happiness. 

With a vision for a future where every Australian can experience the benefits of AFL Max, our mission is to continuously develop and deliver impactful programs and experiences that empower individuals.  

Our values—Passion, Extraordinary, Together, and Exploration

—form the foundation of a community-driven space where connections are forged, boundaries are pushed, and growth is celebrated. Established in 2019, AFL Max stands as the nation’s first interactive venue that blends trampolines, rock climbing, skill tests, and more to offer both family fun, education programs and skill development.  

Together with co-founders Darren Thomas and Eddie Taylor, Pods’ vision was to build a safe and interactive venue where all people feel welcome. And there was no better partner than one of the most inclusive sports in the world, the AFL, to help that vision become a reality. Rooted in our commitment to get kids all around Australia active, AFL Max is a dynamic hub of excitement and personal growth. 

  • Courtney

    Bookings Coordinator

  • Sam R

    General Manager Education

  • Sam T

    Programs Coordinator

  • Christie

    Venue Manager

  • Jennifer

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Donna

    Finance Manager

  • Alice

    Operations Supervisor

  • Cristhian

    Kitchen Manager

  • Eleanor

    Business Operations Manager