Active. Fun. Learning. For all

AFL Max, an immersive space, seamlessly blending Active, Fun and Learning experiences.

Adelaide’s best place for Active, Fun, Learning experiences, designed for all.

Going beyond the conventional boundaries of Australian Rules Football, AFL Max blends play and learning for the ultimate experience for families, schools and sporting clubs.

Using the fundamentals of Australia’s beloved sport, AFL Max offers Australian Curriculum aligned content to deliver education experiences for schools and sporting clubs while also facilitating a space for families and communities to come together for weekend fun.

Come and spend the night at Max!

Camp Max is a unique and fun overnight experience for your school.

Camp Max, an overnight camp experience aligned with the Australian Curriculum, where learning meets play! Catering to classes 2 to 10, our unique program seamlessly blends physical and theoretical learning for an unforgettable educational camp experience.

Adelaide's fundamental skill program for your toddler

Whether you have a shy 2-year-old or an energetic 4-year-old our coaches have mastered the skill of wrangling little ones, letting you watch your child thrive and make friends!

Mini Max is a 9-week program designed to introduce your toddler to an active lifestyle, with our Mini Max Coaches taking them through a new fundamental skill each week.

The structured 45-minute sessions are held throughout the week. Parents and guardians, we encourage you to get involved as well, we promise your child will find it amazing that you can do the same skill they learn!