Our Education Philosophy

At AFL Max, our education philosophy centres on creating an environment that captivates and ensures the safety of young individuals. We firmly believe in the transformative power of physical activity, fun, and innovation. Our programs and experiences are uniquely crafted to be dynamic, ensuring an engaging and distinct educational journey, while aligning to the Australian Curriculum.

Recognising the invaluable role of teachers;

Our experienced Education Team adopts a hands-on approach, affording you the opportunity to connect with your students while enjoying well-deserved breaks. We believe that active bodies foster active minds, and at AFL Max, we are committed to instilling a love for learning through an active, enjoyable, and refreshing educational experience.

Overnight Camps

Camp Max is a unique and fun overnight experience for your school.

Camp Max, an overnight camp experience aligned with the Australian Curriculum, where learning meets play! Catering to classes 2 to 10, our unique program seamlessly blends physical and theoretical learning for an unforgettable educational camp experience.

School Excursions

Looking for a fun experience with your class?

An excursion to AFL Max is the perfect option for your class. Delivered by our Educators, an AFL Max Fun Excursion to AFL Max is the perfect way to start of the school term, wrap up the term or a great way to break up the term!

Students get to experience everything AFL Max has to offer, with rock climbing, trampolines, interactive screens, and more. Each excursion is made up of structured and unstructured play, a dedicated format for schools.

OSHC Programs

AFL Max is a great option for groups of all ages and skill levels.

Book in your OSHC group and enjoy the AFL Max experience including rock climbing, trampolines, interactive screens and much more. Or, if you can’t come to us, have us come to you!

Coles Healthy Kicks

Let us come to you next school holidays.

Coles Healthy Kicks is a fun and entertaining health and fitness program designed specifically to encourage Australian children aged 5 to 12 years old to embrace healthy eating, mindfulness and exercise.

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