About Us

James Podsiadly (former Crows and Geelong Football Player) had a vision to create a space that fostered, community, inclusivity, and growth using the skills and lessons learned throughout his sporting career.

AFL Max is centred around 3 keywords, Active-Fun-Learning, giving a new meaning to the acronym AFL, traditionally Australian Football League.

AFL Max is here to transcend the conventional boundaries of Australian Rules Football, offering an immersive experience that goes beyond the confines of the game itself. Far more than just a footy haven, AFL Max is here to be a dynamic hub where families forge connections, schoolchildren embark on entertaining learning, and communities come together to enhance their skills.

AFL Max is where the passion for footy converges with family bonding, educational excitement, and community empowerment, creating a unique space that celebrates the essence of Australian Rules Football in a holistic and engaging manner.

We are unashamedly here to get the community active, have fun and creative learning experiences for all.

Our Values

James Podsiadly – CEO and Founder

Active, Fun, Learning

Our Why

We believe in bringing people together to maximise their wellbeing, growth and happiness.

Our What

We deliver experiences that entertain, educate and develop all people 

Our Values

At AFL Max, our values are centered around the following four pillars:


AFL Max is more than a venue, it’s a journey. We are building a community that is passionate and proud about seeing all people grow and have fun.


We aspire to deliver a high-quality experience for everyone that visits AFL Max. We want all our participants to feel that each session helps them to become better.



AFL Max is not just about the staff or our participants, it’s about the community. It has been built so everyone feels welcome and enjoys coming in and connecting with each other.


We believe that there is never only one way to do things, that experimenting with new ideas moves us forward. AFL Max is designed so all people can come in and explore their abilities and not fear failure.

Meet the amazing AFL Max Team

Team Max is driven to ensure all our participants have Fun, be Active and Learn. Working alongside our driven, talented, and energetic casual staff we get to see the venue come to life every day.

Interested in becoming a Team Max casual staff member?

  • Sam R

    General Manager - Education and Programs

  • Donna

    Finance Manager

  • Sam T

    Education and Programs Coordinator

  • Jennifer

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Eleanor

    Business Operations Manager

  • Christie

    Venue Manager Adelaide

  • Courtney

    Bookings and Event Coordinator

  • Cristhian

    Food and Beverage

  • Alice

    Operations Supervisor

  • Team Max

    Active-Fun-Learning Facilitators

Interested in working at AFL Max?

AFL Max is made up of a team of energetic fun-filled trained staff to bring the venue to life. 

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