Our Programs Philosophy

At AFL Max, our programs are grounded in a philosophy that prioritises fun, simplified skill development, and the cultivation of a growth mindset. We believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience, and our programs are designed to infuse excitement into every session.

With a hands-on approach;

We actively engage participants in the learning process, ensuring a dynamic and interactive experience. Our commitment extends to working with a diverse population, recognising and embracing the unique strengths and backgrounds of every individual. At AFL Max, we strive to foster a positive and inclusive environment where participants not only acquire essential skills but also develop a resilient and adaptable mindset for personal growth. From developmental programs for your toddler to, football development programs, AFL Max is Adelaide’s home of footy and skills development.

Mini Max & Miniest Max

Adelaide’s fundamental skill program for your toddler.

Whether you have a shy 2-year-old or an energetic 4-year-old our coaches have mastered the skill of wrangling little ones, letting you watch your child thrive and make friends!

Footy Camps

The perfect way to start, end or shake up your footy season!

Footy Camps are a unique and fun overnight experience for clubs wanting to improve their players fundamental skills, develop leadership qualities and improve club culture.

Indoor Footy Comp

Keep fit and active.

Our indoor competition will keep you footy fit and give you the chance to play competitive footy in a fun and relaxed environment.

Face Footys Academy

Develop skills and have fun.

Designed by Rory Sloane and the coaches from AFL Max, using the ball that has taken the footy world by storm.

The 2.5-hour session sees participants rotate through a range of skills and activities aiming to build their footy confidence and have fun with their mates!

Footy Clubs

Looking to shake up your team’s training program?

Bring your club to AFL Max to train in our indoor, state-of-the-art facility. Whether you’re looking to escape the weather, or just wanting to mix things up – book your team in for a session at Max.